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My name is Sofi.I live in argentina.I love spending my time on the little pleasures of life:reading, drawing, palying the violin.My blog is a mixture of ideas so you might get confused.Enjoy it!


Photoset of my cat - Tikiri


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This is from when I gave Chris the Noel Coward book.

(SideNote: should’ve fixed my hair)

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So here’s my meeting Chris story…

So I got in line about 3:30 am and made some awesome friends that I stood and hung in line with. We finally lined up after getting our wrist bands around 12:30. We waited and then it was finally time..I was about 4th in line. So basically this is what happened. I had brought a gift bag for Chris filled with goodies. Inside was the plush of a Golden Retriever so he could have a Mini Cooper, a Ninja Turtles tshirt, a magazine of the history of the Royals, and a card with a letter in it.

So it’s my turn to go up and I place the bag up there and Chris smiles and says “Hi! What’s this?” so he starts going through the bag and absolutely awww’s at the plush and I joked and said “Now you can have a mini cooper” and he chuckled with me, then he pulls out the magazine and his whole face lights up, and he exclaims “Oh my gosh! I don’t have this one! Thank you! I was going to buy it the other day but I didn’t, so thanks sweetie!” and I grinned at him and said “You’re welcome! I’m glad!” and at this point the store rep leaned over to tell him he only had signed one of my 3 books since he got distracted! So he went back to signing and I said “OH but there’s one more thing!” and at this point Chris and A Plotkin were both leaning over going “What is it? Tell me!” and we finally dig out the shirt and Chris lights up again and said “OH this is so awesome! I’m definitely wearing this!! Thanks sweetie! You’re so nice!” and I smiled and shook his hand, giving it a bit of a squeeze before saying “Thank you. It was nice seeing you again! Take care!” and walked off, trying to hide that I was completely shaking.

After that me and my friend waited a bit by one of the isles and we’re talking, when suddenly Ashley Fink comes out of the back room and we all grin and wave and say hi. She comes over to talk real quick and I tease her telling her “I know you stole one of the gifts I gave Chris.” and she looked thoughtful and said “Probably. What was it?” and I told her it was the red wallet with mustaches on it and she lights up and goes “Oh that! Yeah I did. Thanks it’s awesome! I still have it!” and we laughed and I said “You’re welcome. Glad I could help.” and then at that time she gets called away, so me and my friend are still talking when Dot Marie Jones comes by so we say hi real quick and she smiles and waves and says “Hey girls!” 

No less then 5 minutes later Chris’ dad comes to get Hannah and then finally….none other then the boyfriend, Will Sherrod comes out. Let me tell someone who didn’t like him much…he is an absolute doll and soooo handsome. When he walked by I couldn’t help but call out. “Will! Hi!” and he stopped and looked around before spotting me, gave me the biggest smile, and waved at me enthusiastically, saying “Hi!!” It was adorable. Reminded me of a kid~ 

All in all it was amazing. I got to meet so many people close to Chris and shared that moment with Chris and I loved it. Now I just have to hope I get a picture of him in the shirt!

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